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Wedding Guest 101: Reloaded

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

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Love is in the air and wedding invitations are everywhere!

Last fall we brought you are top do's and don'ts to be aware of as a wedding guest. As we close out the summer, we wanted to revisit these do's and don'ts.


  1. Do Respond to the RSVP as quickly as feasible.  

  2. Do give a gift.  Give yourself an overall budget for all gifts.  If you are being invited to multiple events that are wedding related; yes, you will need a gift for each event. Once you have set an overall budget; split your budget into the gifts you will be giving (example:  20% for the engagement gift, 20% for the shower gift and 60% for the wedding.) Yes, bridal party members that host a shower this means you too! Feel free to read one of our old blog posts on gifting: Wedding Guest 101: Gifting? That is the question!

  3. Take a moment to review the wedding website about special details regarding parking and other wedding day info.  This will keep you from being surprised about parking fees, the walk from parking to the ceremony location etc. 

  4. Arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the ceremony time noted on the invitation. This allows sufficient time to park and get to the ceremony site.  Smaller venues may have parking within a few steps of the ceremony location; larger venues may have you walking a marathon.

  5. Take a moment to observe any signage or special requests from the couple. If they have an "Our wedding ceremony is unplugged" sign; don't take any pictures. 

  6. Do tell the couple about any allergies or special dietary restrictions you may have with your RSVP.   

  7. Move from ceremony to cocktail hour as soon as you can.  Often the bridal party will use the ceremony area for photos or there are florals and decor being moved from this area.  The cocktail hour area will give you plenty of time to greet others and be social.

  8. Have a great time!  This is a celebration after all!


  1. Don't assume you can bring an extra guest.  Does your envelope include the names of an additional invitee?  Does the RSVP card indicate additional seating was reserved in your honor?  NO.  Don't call the couple to ask why so and so wasn't included.  Their budget or need to accommodate a large circle may be why.  Their venue may be limited on space. BUT they consider you that must have friend/family member they want to witness their day.  That is why YOU are invited.

  2. Don't arrive late and expect to be able to walk in during the procession. Stand to the side so that you are not seen in the entryway.  

  3. Don't take your iPad or tablet into the ceremony.  As a matter of fact, don't take it to the wedding period.

  4. Don't step into the aisle or block the professional photographer/videographer from capturing what they have been contracted to do.  

  5. Don't go up to the couple while they are eating dinner.  They haven't eaten in hours.  They will certainly be able to come around and greet you after dinner.  As a matter of fact; you delay dinner service if you are not at your seat too!

  6. Don't go "Live on IG or Facebook" at someone's wedding ceremony.  UNLESS they have specifically instructed you to do so; don't do it.  That is a private and emotional moment.  The people in the room were selected to share in that moment.

  7. Don't wear white, off-white or any shade of white unless they told you to wear white.

  8. Don't overdo it because it is an open bar.

  9. Don't be that guest that tries to make the day about them. It is about the couple and their love.  This also means the day of the wedding, you are not calling the couple to get clarification on the address, etc.

  10. Don't complain and nitpick at someone's wedding.  SMILE!  


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